Beauty Treatment Prices 2016-17

Lycon Waxing

Lycon wax is extremely hygienic with no double dipping, a fresh spatula used every time wax is applied.

Lip or chin £8.00
Lip and chin £11.00
Underarm £9.00
Forearm £11.00
Full arm £17.50
Arm bleach £15.00
Half leg £15.00
3/4 leg £20.00
Full leg £25.00
Full leg and bikini £29.00
Nose £10.00
Bikini £10.00
G-string £13.00
Brazilian £30.00
Hollywood £35.00

50% reduction in sensation aiming to leave you feeling treated not waxed!

Brows & Lashes

Brow shape £10.00
Brow tint with tidy £15.00
High definition brows £35.00
Lash tint £16.00
Lash and brow tint with tidy £25.00
LVL £50.00

Lift volume lengthen finishing with a full false lash effect enhancing your natural lashes, includes lash tint.


Make Up

Using 100% mineral mii makeup photographic coverage for the perfect occasion.

Bridal (includes trial and travel to venue if required) £80.00
Bridesmaids / mother of the bride £30.00
Cleanse and makeup prom / party £30.00

Pre wedding treats, hair care and styling so we can help with your special day making you feel you’ve had a full spruce up from head to toe!

Fingers & Toes

Using Jessica geleration and polish lasting high shine.

Alternatively an in between vinnylux longer lasting polish but not a gel!

Jessica / Vinnylux manicure £22.00
Jessica gel manicure £30.00
Jessica / Vinnylux pedicure £26.00
Jessica gel pedicure £35.00
File and polish £15.00
File and gel £20.00
Soak off and tidy £15.00
Paraffin wax £10.00

Facial Treatments

Phformula is exclusive to Spruce House and Norwich! it’s the first pharma cosmeceutical treatment which targets skin disorders such as ageing pigmentation, acne and chronic redness. A full range of homecare products are available.

Instant and visual results by resurfacing the skin with the use of controlled chemicals targeting deeper layers of the dermis with minimised irritation no burning, redness or peeling and no downtime, make this the perfect facial treatment even in your lunch break!

Vit C Boost £60.00
Soft Resurfacing Instant Mask 1,2,3 with Vit C £70.00
Age £70.00
Mela £75.00
Acne £55.00
Chronic Redness £65.00
Hands / Neck / Eyes £35.00

A full consultation will be carried out by your therapist every treatment. For full results, care and addressing to improve your concerns.

Products available to buy for homecare to enhance and maintain effects from ph formula.

Massage (for her)

Back neck and shoulder massage £25.00
Lava shell (30 mins) £35.00
Lava shell back neck and shoulder (including backs of legs) £60.00

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candles £40.00

Cleanse sinus and drainage massage followed by Hopi ear candles. Perfect for recovering from a cold, returning after flying or for a full relax and cleanse. Drift away and enjoy.

Male Treatments

Back neck and shoulder massage £30.00
Back wax £20.00
Brow shape and tidy £10.00
Ears / nose £10.00
“Nears” (nose and ears) £15.00
Hopi ear candle £40.00
Ph formula facial treatments from £60.00

Addressing problems or just for a boost!

Intimate waxing please discuss this with therapist.

50% reduction in sensation aiming to leave you feeling treated not waxed!


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