Facial Treatments

Exclusive treatments at Spruce House…

IMG_6929pHformula it’s the first pharma cosmeceutical treatment which targets skin disorders such as ageing pigmentation, acne and chronic redness.

Instant visual results are achieved by resurfacing the skin with the use of controlled chemicals, targeting deeper layers of the dermis with minimised irritation, no burning, redness or peeling. And there’s no downtime, making this the perfect facial treatment, even in your lunch break!

A full consultation will be carried out by your therapist before every treatment. And we also provide a full range of home-care products to enhance and maintain the effectiveness of the pHformula.

You can find out more about pHformula by visiting www.pHformula.com

pHformula Treatments & Prices

Vit C Boost £60.00
Soft Resurfacing Instant Mask 1,2,3 with Vit C £70.00
Age £70.00
Mela £75.00
Acne £55.00
Chronic Redness £65.00
Hands / Neck / Eyes £35.00

For more information on these treatments and to book a free consultation please contact us.


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