Cosmetic Treatments

Here at Spruce House we provide a variety of cosmetic treatments for our clients which are carried out by Pam Cushing MSc RN.

To find out more about the cosmetic services we provide please contact us.

Botox (per area) from £200.00
Nefertiti neck lift from £350.00
Excessive sweating injections from £400.00
Dermal fillers (per syringe) from £200.00
Lip augmentation (per syringe) from £190.00
Cheek augmentation (per 2ml) from £350.00
Dermaroller treatment from £250.00

Mesotherapy for localised fat and cellulit

Face from £60.00
Body from £100.00
Mesoglow (per vial) from £220.00
Medical skin resurfacing
(Includes pre and post care products) – course of 6 recommended
from £575.00
PRP “Vampire Face Lift”
with hyaluronic acid
from £350.00
from £450.00
Silhouette soft threading (per thread) from £350.00

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